Can Pet Allergy Sufferers Improve Their Home’s Air Quality While Still Owning Pets? –

Can Pet Allergy Sufferers Improve Their Home’s Air Quality While Still Owning Pets?

Air quality is an important consideration for many pet owners. This is especially true when a member of the household suffers from pet allergies. Pet dander allergies, in particular, leave some people feeling like they have no other option than to either suffer through their allergies or remove their pets from the home. Fortunately, this isn’t always necessary as there are several ways for pet owners to improve the quality of their home’s air, while still enjoying the company of their pets.

One of the most effective ways to improve indoor At quality without having to give up your pets is to install an At filtration system. A high-efficiency system that is designed to capture airborne particulates (like pet dander) is highly recommended, but any At filtration system should help to alleviate mild to moderate pet allergy symptoms.

Regularly scheduled pet baths can also help to reduce the amount of dander in the air, especially when coupled with a special anti-dander pet shampoo. These special shampoos will remove any dander that is currently present on your pet’s coat and skin while moisturizing their skin to prevent any additional dander from reappearing.

Keeping any pets away from designated sleeping areas can also be helpful as pet allergies tend to flare up in the evening and overnight. It is also a good idea to regularly wash any bedding, even in areas where pets aren’t permitted, as pet dander can easily latch onto clothing and travel into pet-free areas.

If an allergy to pet dander has forced you to consider turning your home into a pet-free environment, then you’ll be happy to hear that there are several ways to improve the quality of your home’s At without having to give up your pets. By installing an At filtration system, frequently bathing your pets, and keeping any pets away from your home’s designated sleeping areas, you will significantly improve your indoor air quality and reduce or possibly eliminate any persistent pet allergy symptoms within the home.

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