Clean Narrow-Necked Vases with Aquarium Gravel –

Clean Narrow-Necked Vases with Aquarium Gravel

Cleaning the inside of narrow-necked vases may not be the easiest thing to do, but it’s something that occasionally needs to be done if you want your vases to once again look like new. Fortunately, cleaning those hard-to-reach areas is simple if you know the trick. So, what is the trick for cleaning narrow-necked vases? Use aquarium gravel.

To complete this task, you’ll need a narrow-necked vase, some water, and some clean aquarium gravel. Once you’ve gathered these items, fill the bottom of the vase with water and drop in a handful of clean aquarium gravel. If you don’t have any aquarium gravel handy, then any small-stoned smooth gravel can be used in its place. Just be sure to avoid using any gravel with sharp edges—especially in transparent vases—as sharp-edged gravel may scratch the inner surfaces of the vase.

Once the gravel is in place, shake, shimmy, and spin the vase so the gravel can scour off any dirt or debris. Depending on the state of the vase, this step may take some time. If you feel the gravel alone isn’t getting the job done, then try adding a little dish soap to help the process along.

After you’ve cleaned the inner portions of the vase, pour the gravel into a strainer and continue cleaning the vase as usual. The aquarium gravel can then be rinsed, dried, and saved for the next time you need to clean a narrow-necked vase.

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