Conserving Water: In the Kitchen –

Conserving Water: In the Kitchen

It is a good idea to conserve water around the house because it benefits the environment while reducing your water bills. If you’d like to start conserving water, a great place to start is in the kitchen. It can be as easy as using the refrigerator to cool water, washing food in a basin, or changing the may you wash your dishes. Details for each suggestion are listed below.

Cool Water in the Refrigerator

Instead of letting the tap run each time you want a glass of water, keep a container of drinking water in the refrigerator. Because it will no longer be necessary to run the tap until the water is cold, much less water will be wasted.

As an added benefit, some containers are equipped with a water filter that can better purify your home’s tap water. Though most tap water is adequately filtered before reaching your home, a second filter can help remove additional contaminants.

Wash Food in a Basin

If you find yourself washing fruits and vegetables under a running faucet, consider using a water-filled basin instead. Your produce can be cleaned just as well while conserving a great deal of water in the process.

Should a clean basin not be available, a well cleaned sink will work just as well. Just insert the stopper and fill the sink with enough water to thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables. A short rinse under the tap may be required.

Change Your Dishwashing Strategy

Do not run your dishwasher unless you have a full load of dishes ready to be washed. Because the same amount of water will be used regardless of the load size, the fewer loads you wash, the less water will be used. If you plan to buy a new dishwasher, look for a water efficient model.

Alternately, if you hand wash your dishes, don’t run a continuous stream of water for rinsing. If possible, use a second sink for rinse water. If you only have one sink, wait to rinse your dishes until the dish rack is full. Then, fill a container with warm water to rinse all of the washed dishes at once.

Many people are looking for ways to use less water at home. As the average kitchen uses a large amount of water, it can be a great place to start conserving. By cooling water in the refrigerator, washing your food in a basin, and changing your dishwashing strategy you will not only help the environment but also lower your water bills.

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