Dealing With Dead Patches in the Lawn –

Dealing With Dead Patches in the Lawn

No one likes the look of dead patches in their lawn, so when faced with dead patches most people reach for their bag of grass seed and hope that by some miracle, sprinkling some seeds over the dead grass will be enough to solve the problem. Unfortunately in most cases, this doesn’t enough rejuvenate the dead patch of grass.

So, after this first attempt fails, many people again reach for their trusty bag of grass seed, sprinkle some seeds on the ground, and hope for a different outcome. Some might even add a little fertilizer and water it for good measure, but what can you do if this again isn’t enough t -d your lawn of its dead patches?

Well, first you’ll want remove any dead grass from the area. The easiest way to do this ist grab a shovel, dig up the dead patch and fold the dead grass into the ground. This will also help to loosen up the soil, which will make it much easier for the grass seeds to take root.

Next, you’ll want to sprinkle over your grass seed and add some fertilizer. Be sure to add plenty of grass seed to the affected area so the grass grows in nice and thick when it starts to sprout. Always remember to carefully follow all the instructions for your chosen kind of fertilizer so you don’t end up shocking the grass by over-fertilizing it.

Last, you’ll want to keep the area watered as the new grass is starting to grow, while keeping any kind of traffic – car, bike, foot, or otherwise – off the area. Newly planted grass will be quite vulnerable to drought and damage during its initial growing period and as such, will need to be watered regularly and protected from anything that could damage the newly sprouted grass.

It can be hard to repair a lawn’s dead patches of grass if you don’t know the proper way to do so. If, however, you first remove the dead grass by digging it up and folding it into the ground, your soil will loosen up and your grass seeds will have a much better chance at taking root. By doing this and making sure to properly care for the newly seeded patches in your lawn, you will be well on your way to a healthier looking green lawn in no time.

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