Four Ways to Make Your Bathroom Lighting as Flattering as Possible –

Four Ways to Make Your Bathroom Lighting as Flattering as Possible

When lighting a space, most designers strive for functional lighting that makes the area look its best. When dealing with lighting a bathroom, however, extra thought should be taken to ensure that the lighting not only makes the space look great but that it also casts the room’s occupants in a flattering light. After all, an individual’s perception of themselves is often shaped in part by the person they see staring back at them in their bathroom mirror. So, if you’d like to make your bathroom’s lighting as flattering as possible, consider implementing the following recommendations.

Choose warmer lighting profiles.

To help create a more flattering atmosphere in the bathroom, choose warmer toned bulbs when lighting the space. Cooler, more bluish toned bulbs are far less flattering to the skin and as such, should be avoided. If you’d prefer your bathroom lighting to render the most accurate colors, then your best bet is installing crisp white lights instead.

Install a dimmer switch.

While overly bright lights are often less than flattering to the skin, dimmer bulbs can make certain tasks like shaving or applying makeup more challenging. Having a dimmer switch allows your bathroom’s occupants to customize the room’s lighting to suit their changing needs.

Utilize multiple light sources.

Standing under a single overhead light can lead to unflattering shadows. By having multiple light sources in the room, shadows become softened, giving your bathroom’s occupants a more flattering appearance. Reducing shadows also makes tasks like grooming easier.

Aim for optimum light placement.

For your bathroom lighting to be as flattering as possible, it’s important that you distribute your multiple light sources strategically throughout the room. Lights of differing brightness levels should be placed at varying heights to promote cross illumination, thus eliminating harsh shadows.

Many people want their bathroom lighting to be as flattering as possible. After all, who doesn’t want to look their best when seeing themselves in a bathroom mirror? So, if you want your bathroom’s lighting to create a flattering atmosphere for its occupants, be sure to take extra care when lighting the space. By opting for warmer lighting profiles, installing a dimmer switch, utilizing multiple light sources, and aiming for optimum light placement, you can rest assured knowing your bathroom’s lighting will cast its occupants in the most flattering light possible.

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