How to Get Rid of Yellow Spots on Your Lawn –

How to Get Rid of Yellow Spots on Your Lawn

A number of things can cause yellow spots to appear on your lawn. The most common reasons are drought, disease, dog urine, and nutrient deficiencies. Luckily, all of these problems have a solution that can help return your lawn to its previous glory.

If the yellow spots on your lawn are caused by drought, then watering the lawn more often will help to alleviate the problem. Be sure to water in the early morning or late evening so the water doesn’t quickly evaporate because of the midday heat.

Should the yellow spots on your lawn be caused by disease, you will need to buy the appropriate product to cure it. Sometimes this may require a chemical solution, while other times a natural or organic solution might make for a more suitable choice.

When the yellow spots in your lawn are caused by dog urine, sugar or high-fructose syrup can often be enough to turn those yellow spots back to green. Yellow spots caused by dog urine also make for an excellent place to pour any leftover soda pop or juice. Just keep in mind that sugar-free drinks will not be effective.

To combat yellow spots on your lawn caused by nutrient deficiencies, you will need to have a sample of your soil tested. When you know which nutrients are missing, you will be able to replenish the soil’s lost nutrients and watch as the yellow spots become green once again.

There are many reasons why a lawn might become plagued with yellow spots. If your lawn’s yellow spots are caused by drought, disease, dog urine, or nutrient deficiencies, then be sure to follow the above suggestions so that your lawn can return to a healthy look and uniform shade of green.

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