How to Keep Your Shower Clean with Minimal Effort –

How to Keep Your Shower Clean with Minimal Effort

If you’re the type of person who hates cleaning, then a no-scrub, leave-on shower cleaner spray could be your new best friend. After all, all you’ll need to do to keep your shower clean is spray on the cleaner and walk away. It’s really that simple. Well, almost that simple.

While leave-on shower sprays can be very effective, it’s likely that you’ll still need to scrub your shower occasionally to give it a proper cleaning. By using a leave-on cleaning spray, however, you’ll be able to delay this task a while longer, allowing you to cut back on your overall time spent cleaning your shower.

Obtaining the spray can be done in a couple of ways. The easiest way is to purchase a pre-made spray from the store. Scrubbing Bubbles Daily Shower Cleaner is a good example of such a spray. Your second option is to create a spray from scratch. To do so, combine these ingredients in a spray bottle: half a cup of rubbing alcohol, half a cup of hydrogen peroxide, one teaspoon of liquid dish soap, and one tablespoon of dishwasher rinse aid.

A word of caution: as wet soap can be slippery, its important that you run the water for a bit before entering the shower to rinse off the remaining soap. Otherwise, you may accidentally slip and fall. For added safety, also consider adding a non-slip mat to your shower or tub floor.

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