How to Rid Your Kitchen of Unpleasant Cooking Smells Using Pine-Sol –

How to Rid Your Kitchen of Unpleasant Cooking Smells Using Pine-Sol

Do you find that unpleasant cooking smells linger around your kitchen for days after you’ve cooked and eaten certain foods? Have you been looking for a way to get rid of these smells, but have so far come up empty? Well, as it turns out, the solution to your problem could be as easy as pouring some Pine-Sol in your sink. For a more detailed look at how you can easily deal with this common kitchen problem (including the complete, yet incredibly simple instructions), keep on reading.

The first thing you’ll need to do to remove your kitchen’s unpleasant cooking smells using Pine-Sol is, you guessed it – get a bottle of Pine-Sol. Original scent Pine-Sol works well, but some people prefer to use one of Pine-Sol’s other scents. Lemon Fresh and Lavender Clean are two of the more popular options, but feel free to give any of the alternate scents a try if you feel like experimenting.

Once you have gotten your hands on a bottle of Pine-Sol, simply fill your sink with regular tap water (any temperature will do fine) and add two cups of Pine-Sol to the water. Give it a little stir and then let the mixture sit for a number of hours. That’s all there is to it! Please be sure to keep any pets or small children away from the sink during this time, as drinking the mixture or over-inhaling the fumes can be dangerous.

Keep in mind that this solution is not an immediate fix for all lingering cooking smells and a certain amount of time will be required for the Pine-Sol to work its magic. Though any extended period of time will do (so long as you won’t be needing to use your sink), many people find it most convenient to use the Pine-Sol method either just before going to bed or just before leaving the house for work or another extended activity.

After the water and Pine-Sol mixture has had a chance to sit in the sink for a number of hours, simply drain it out and give your sink a quick rinse. The unpleasant cooking smells should no longer be a problem. If you find that the remaining scent of the Pine-Sol is a little too strong in your kitchen, be sure to open some nearby windows or use a fan to help disperse the smell throughout your home.

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