How to Safely Clean Aquarium Glass –

How to Safely Clean Aquarium Glass

Your aquarium’s glass is the window through which the world views your aquatic paradise. Unfortunately, this paradise can be easily tarnished if the view becomes obscured by dust, fingerprints, or unsightly algae. To ensure your aquarium always looks its best, follow these simple tips that will help you safely clean your aquarium’s glass inside and out.

Before getting too deep into the subject about how to clean your aquarium’s glass, it’s worth noting that it’s usually best to clean the glass surfaces on the inside of the aquarium first. Aquarium water has a tendency to migrate outside of the tank white cleaning, so if you don’t want to clean the outside glass surfaces of the aquarium twice, then always start by cleaning the inside surfaces first.

Now, there are two main obstacles you’ll likely face when cleaning the inside glass surfaces of your aquarium – algae and hard deposits from the water. Algae, the easier of the two to deal with, can often be removed by simply running a plastic scraper or sponge across the inner glass surfaces. Hard deposits from the water, on the other hand, tend to be more troublesome and often require a combined effort of lengthy scrubbing and scraping.

Cleaning the outer glass surfaces of an aquarium is fairly straightforward. Using a damp microfiber towel, wipe down the outer glass surfaces, taking care to remove any dust, fingerprints, or tank water which may have spilled over during the inner glass cleaning process. A mixture of vinegar and water can be safely used on any external glass surfaces to clean the more challenging areas if the damp towel isn’t quite doing the trick. Once you’re done, simply wipe down the glass with a dry microfiber towel to prevent any water spots from being left behind.

No matter how you go about keeping your aquarium’s glass free from algae, dirt, and other debris, make sure it doesn’t involve using metallic scrubbers or scrapers, as this can leave your aquarium’s glass covered in scratch marks. Also, be sure to avoid using any chemical products when cleaning in or around your aquarium. Products like commercial glass cleaner, soap, and detergent can be harmful to your fish and should never be used when cleaning your tank.

Regularly cleaning your aquarium’s glass can make a big difference in the overall presentation of your fish tank. To make sure your aquarium is always looking its best, be sure to remove any algae or hard deposits from the water that appear on the inner glass surfaces of your tank while keeping your aquarium’s outer glass surfaces free from dust, fingerprints, and anything else which might mar the view.

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