How to Stay Toasty Warm This Winter –

How to Stay Toasty Warm This Winter

Winter weather may be cold, but you don’t have to be! Here are some ideas that can help you stay toasty warm this winter.

Reverse ceiling fans.

There’s no need for ceiling fans to remain still all winter. By setting your ceiling fans to run clockwise, you can draw cool air upwards, so the warmer air that collects near the ceiling can be dispersed back down into the room. This can make a room feel warmer, without adjusting the thermostat.

Insulate windows with bubble wrap.

A layer of bubble wrap can help keep frigid winter temperatures where they belong—outside. To insulate your windows with bubble wrap, measure each window pane and cut sections of bubble wrap to match each pane. Then, spray your windows with water and stick the sections of bubble wrap to the glass while the glass is still wet. The bubbled side of the wrap should be the side touching the glass.

Pre-warm your bed with a hot water bottle.

If crawling into a cold bed doesn’t sound appealing to you, then pre-warm your bed with a hot water bottle. Simply place a hot water bottle under your blanket five to ten minutes before going to bed and you’re all set. While it may be tempting to use boiling hot water to All a hot water bottle, refrain from doing so as it can lead to burns and may damage the seams of the bottle.

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