Is It Safe to Use Old Aquarium Water on Your Houseplants? –

Is It Safe to Use Old Aquarium Water on Your Houseplants?

If you are serious about conserving water, then the thought of watering your houseplants with old aquarium water has probably crossed your mind. Is this a safe way to reuse old aquarium water or can such water be harmful in any way to your houseplants? The general consensus is that old aquarium water is both safe and beneficial to your houseplants in most cases.

So long as you haven’t added any salt, chemicals, or medication to your aquarium, then the water should be safe to use on your houseplants. Your plants will also benefit from any fish waste contained in the old aquarium water, as it makes for an excellent natural fertilizer that will help your plants to thrive.

Cuttings from your houseplants can also benefit from your old aquarium water and often root much faster in nutrient-rich aquarium water than regular tap water. To give an extra boost to your cuttings, try floating them inside your actual working aquarium, where they will also benefit from the oxygen-enriched aquatic environment.

There are many benefits to be had from using old aquarium water on your houseplants. Just be sure that you only use unsalted aquarium water that is free from both harmful chemicals and medications. This way you will have a safe and naturally fertilized water source that will help your houseplants to grow and thrive.

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