Is Recycled Water from My Saltwater Aquarium Safe for My Plants?

You’ve heard of people watering their plants with recycled aquarium water. They’ve said it’s worked wonders for their houseplants, which are now looking healthier than ever. It sounds like a great idea and you are seriously considering trying it out for yourself. The only thing stopping you is that your home aquarium is filled with saltwater and you are concerned that the salt may be harmful to your plants.

If this is sounding anything like your current predicament, then you were right to be concerned. Though water from an untreated freshwater aquarium is often beneficial to houseplants, water from a saltwater aquarium is not. In fact, salt actually inhibits a plant’s ability to properly hydrate itself and prevents it from processing the essential nutrients needed to maintain its optimal health.

By choosing to water your plants with recycled water from your saltwater aquarium, you run the risks of stunted plant growth, wilted or yellowed foliage, and upon long term saltwater exposure, the probable death of your houseplants altogether. To avoid this scenario, be sure to never water your plants with recycled water from your saltwater aquarium.