Keep Your Family Safe with These Five Automatic Garage Doors Safety Tips –

Keep Your Family Safe with These Five Automatic Garage Doors Safety Tips

Automatic garage doors are a wonderful convenience that, when properly maintained and used responsibly, can be a safe and welcomed addition to any home with a garage. Here are five safety tips that will help keep your family safe around your automatic garage door.

Never let children play with a garage door remote controls.

Garage door remote controls are not toys and as such, should be kept out of children’s hands as a safety precaution. Any wall-mounted garage door controls should also be placed well out of the reach of small children.

Teach your children about garage door safety.

Teaching children why they should never play around a garage door, regardless of if it is open or closed, can help keep them from entering into potentially dangerous situations. It’s also worth mentioning that all hands should stay off the garage door while it’s in motion.

Learn the location of your garage door’s emergency release feature.

Once you know where the door’s emergency release feature is located, be sure that you know how to use it. Also, keep the area around the door’s emergency release mechanism clutter-free so you can easily activate the emergency release if needed.

Occasionally inspect the garage door and its components for wear.

If anything looks amiss during the inspection, a trained professional should be called to make any necessary repairs. Many parts in a garage door assembly, like its springs and cables, are under extreme tension and can cause serious injury if mishandled.

Check to see if your garage door has an automatic reversing mechanism.

If your garage door does have an automatic reversing mechanism, occasionally test that the mechanism is functioning properly by placing something in the door’s path. If your setup doesn’t currently have such a mechanism, consider upgrading to a newer model garage door that does.

So there you have it. By following these five simple safety tips, your family can stay safe while enjoying the conveniences of having an automatic garage door.

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