Lawn Care Tips: Repairing Bare Patches –

Lawn Care Tips: Repairing Bare Patches

Most lawns at some point in time will inevitably end up with bare patches where the grass no longer wants to grow. When faced with this problem, most people simply sprinkle a little grass seed in the bare patch, pour over some water, and hope for the best. Unfortunately, this isn’t always enough to solve the problem.

So, what do you do when you are left with bare patches where the grass just doesn’t want to take root? Try loosening the hard soil before sprinkling the grass seed to help it along. Removing any dead grass from the area if present and adding a little fertilizer can also be a good idea.

Be sure to water the area regularly before and after the grass has started to grow. Also, because newly grown grass is quite susceptible to damage, you should stay off the area as much as possible until the grass has fully grown in.

Bare patches are one of the most common lawn care problems. Despite how common the problem is, however, not everyone knows just how easy of a problem it is to solve. By simply loosening the dirt and adding a little fertilizer with your standard grass seed, you will have a much better chance of eliminating the bare patches on your lawn.

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