Lawn Mowing Basics – Removing Debris –

Lawn Mowing Basics – Removing Debris

It is always recommended that you take some time before mowing your lawn to check for and remove any debris that may have found its way into your yard. Removing the debris will help speed up the lawn mowing process while making it safer for yourself and anyone else in the area.

Lawn debris can come in many shapes and sizes. Large debris like lawn furniture and toys can be easy to spot. Smaller debris, however, like rocks, sticks, and pet waste, aren’t always so easy to find. Regardless of size, any debris that you find should be removed before mowing your lawn.

Even if you’ve done a check for and removed any visible debris, it is still a good idea to wear protective clothing like long pants and shoes when mowing the lawn. Better safe than sorry in the event that you have missed any debris because it might end up being tossed around by the spinning lawnmower blade. Protective eyeglasses are also a good idea for the same reason.

Before mowing your lawn, always remember to check for and remove any visible debris. Not only will removing debris allows you to mow your lawn faster, but it will also help to prevent injuries caused by flying rocks, sticks, or other such items that may be tossed around by the spinning lawnmower blade.

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