Lawn Mowing Basics – Wet Grass –

Lawn Mowing Basics – Wet Grass

Many people who are new to lawn maintenance are unsure about whether they can out their grass while it is still wet. Though you can cut wet grass, it is much easier and more time-effective to wait until it dries out.

First, it can be hard to out a wet lawn because the blades of grass tend to flatten down as you run the lawnmower over them, instead of standing tall and getting cut. The wetter the grass, especially if it’s long, the more prone it will be to becoming flattened by the lawnmower.

Another reason why it is more difficult to out wet grass is that it tends to clog the lawnmower. Wet grass will stick to the underside of the mower, its blades, and its chute and will need to be removed. Always turn off the lawnmower before attempting to unclog it and try to blow the grass clippings toward an area you’ve already cut.

If you are experiencing frequent rain in your area and are unable to wait for your lawn to fully dry out before cutting it, then try to cut it during the times when the grass is the least wet. Be sure to mow slowly to help prevent the grass from flattening out and unclog the lawnmower whenever needed to keep it running smoothly.

Because wet grass tends to get flattened beneath the lawnmower and can clog its various parts, it is recommended that you wait until the grass dries out before cutting it. If, however, you have no choice but to out it while it’s wet, then be sure to mow slowly and unclog the mower frequently for best results.

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