Save Money By Changing Your Lawn Watering Schedule –

Save Money By Changing Your Lawn Watering Schedule

With water bits always on the rise, many people are looking for new ways to conserve water around the house. One easy way to use much less water and out the costs of your monthly water bill is to change your lawn watering schedule. The idea is, use less water to keep your lawn green and healthy looking, while watching your water bills become less expensive.

At first, this doesn’t seem to make much sense. How is using less water really going to keep your lawn green and healthy looking? The answer is simple. By simply choosing to water your lawn either in the early morning hours or later into the evening, you will use much less water and receive the same level of ground saturation.

The reasoning behind this theory is sound. Because water evaporates at a much faster rate during the midday hours, you will need to water for much longer periods of time just to keep your lawn looking its best. By choosing instead to water for a shorter span of time during the morning or evening hours, less water can be wasted to evaporation, allowing more water to sink into the roots.

With more water now reaching the roots of your grass, you will be able to stop watering your lawn much sooner than was possible before, while still achieving the same great looking lawn. As was stated above, you’ll be using less water while maintaining your green and healthy looking lawn, making the costs of your water bill noticeably smaller.

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