Save The Earth With These Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags –

Save The Earth With These Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

Taking care of the environment can’t be done by one person. Everyone has to pitch in to do their part in making a greener Earth. One way to help things is trading regular shopping bags for eco-friendly ones. These 10 eco-friendly shopping bags are perfect for the next grocery run.


Momiji Melbourne Bloom Collection

Based out of Australia, Momiji Melbourne has supported the ecosystem with donations to Marine Conservation Australia. Their bloom collection bags are some of the liveliest looking bags on the market. Made from recycled polyester, these bags offer several unique designs to the fray. With these designs, you’ll have plenty of people wondering where they can grab one. These bags can hold up to an astounding 55 pounds without any possible tearing to the product. A set of two bags are available right now for $15.99.


Ekolojee Eco-Friendly Market Bag

Based out of Wyoming, Ekolojee thrives on making eco-friendly products for everyone to enjoy. Their eco-friendly market bag is perfect for bagging groceries or carrying items at the beach. Carrying up to 40 pounds, these bags are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. These bags can be purchase in packs of four starting from $17.56. Each pack comes with a free muslin bag, which can be used to carry all four market bags. You can choose to get these bags with regular handles or have a mixed offering of regular and long handles.


Fire Lily Design Studio Floral Tote Bag

Fire Lily Design Studio gives their floral illustration new life through a nifty tote bag. With the illustration being screen printed, some people might get imperfections in the final product. Aside from the design, the tote bag includes long handles for those looking to swing it over their shoulders. While most bags are perfect for washing machines, this bag should only be hand-washed. The bag, which can carry up to five pounds, arrives in either black or pink for $8.02.


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