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Save The Earth With These Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

Awulook Organic Mes Market Shopping Bag

Awulook’s organic mes market shopping bag is so compact, you can easily fit them in your back pocket. These bags arrive in five different colors: sunset purple, beige, salmon, cyan, and sand grey. They also come with two handle options: short ($6.99) and long ($7.99). With so many colors, it might be hard to pick just one. Buyers can grab all five bags for $29.90 with short handles and $33.90 with long handles.


SarangiVision RPET Bag

While many bags are made from cotton, SarangiVision flips things by using a material known as RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate). The polyester used is created by recycled plastic bottles. While some might think it would feel different, the SarangiVision’s RPET bag feels like any other bag. The bag’s artwork was created by a phenomenal group of female artists from Australia’s Warlukurlangu Artists Corporation. The bag, which can hold up to 11 pounds, is available to purchase for $11.38.


FabIdeazAu Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

Getting a bag specifically for fruits and vegetables can be a hassle sometimes. FabIdeazAu’s organic cotton mesh produce bags are the ideal choice for grabbing some apples or potatoes. These bags also help keep your fruits and vegetables fresh on the trek back home. Small bags go for $2.95, medium bags will cost $3.71, and large bags are on sale for $4.47. You can also grab all three sizes in packs of twos ($20.48) and threes ($26.63).


Aimy Art Black Tote Bag

Based out of Australia, Aimy Art enjoys throwing their art on various products. Their black tote bag features their artwork titled “Space Octopus”. The artist states the piece is “about transformation and breaking through our own fear in order to find our true self.” Made from cotton, the bag’s glorious artwork is enough to hang it on the wall after you’re done shopping. The bag is on sale to the public right now for $15.18.


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