Save Water by Creating Your Own Low-Flow Toilet –

Save Water by Creating Your Own Low-Flow Toilet

Those wishing to save a few dollars on their water bill should consider creating a water displacement device for their old-style toilets. Not only are they simple to create, but they can also be made at no cost using everyday items found around the house. A water displacement device can help you to conserve a great deal of water by converting your regular commode into a low-flow toilet.

To create your own water displacement device, you will need a plastic bottle (with a lid) and some small rocks or sand. An old half-gallon juice container works well for this purpose, but a smaller container can work just as well – though it will only conserve as much water as can fit in the bottle.

Remove any labels and fill a portion of the bottle with the rocks or sand. Fill the rest of the container with water and seal it shut using the lid. The added weight of the rocks or sand is important because without it, the bottle will move around in the tank and this may prevent your toilet from functioning properly.

Once you’ve finished sealing the bottle, it’s time to place it in the tank of the toilet. Slowly immerse the bottle, letting the extra water in the tank drain out the overflow tube. As the bottle reaches the bottom of the tank, make sure that it is away from any working parts of the toilet and that it is heavy enough to sit firmly without moving. If the bottle moves very easily in the tank, you should add additional rocks or sand.

When the bottle is securely in place, return the tank lid to its rightful position and test the toilet to make sure everything is working correctly. If the toilet doesn’t have enough water pressure to function properly, a smaller bottle should be used instead.

By creating your own low-flow toilet, you are able to lower the cost of your water bill while helping the environment by using less water. Not only is making your own water displacement device incredibly simple it is also free to do. Convert your toilet and start reaping the benefits of lower water usage today!

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