Simple Ways to Clean Your Houseplants –

Simple Ways to Clean Your Houseplants

Every so often, houseplants become noticeably dusty and need to be cleaned. The best method for cleaning them, however, varies based on the type of plant. If you’d like to clean a dusty houseplant, check if your plant matches one of the descriptions listed below and if so, clean it using the corresponding advice.

Houseplants with Large Leaves

Large-leaved houseplants can be cleaned by hand using a damp cloth. To clean the individual leaves, support the leaf from below with one hand, while gently wiping the flat surface of the leaf with your other hand. Refrain from using any oils or polishes on the leaves as such substances can harm your plants.

Houseplants with Small Leaves

Small-leaved houseplants can be washed in a sink or bathtub, provided they are small enough to fit. Once the plant is sitting in either the sink or bathtub, gently shower its leaves with lukewarm water to remove any dust. Avoid using cold water as cold water can cause spotted leaves.

Houseplants with Fuzzy Leaves

Fuzzy-leaved houseplants can be cleaned with a small paintbrush or soft-bristled toothbrush. For the best results, start at the top of the plant and brush each leaf from base to tip. Blowing on the leaves can also help dislodge any excess dust or debris.

While you’re cleaning your houseplants, its also a good idea to remove any dead leaves or withered blossoms. This will help keep your plants healthy while encouraging their continued blooming.

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