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Standing Desks Built For Working From Home


With their standing desk, Hexagonica only uses environmentally friendly materials. With ten height options, everyone can have their own unique viewing experience. The desk was created using plywood with oil wax. The small shelf is 12×20 inches while the big shelf features 12×29.5 inches worth of space. The standing desk can be purchased at the starting price of $250 for an unfinished wood product. The desk is also available in dark wood and light wood for $350.



EventEQ‘s Pop-Up DesQ offers the comfort of a standing desk by saving space. The desk features a slew of platforms for people to place their small items. Unlike most standing desks, this is one of the quickest to assemble. In 15 minutes, you’ll have your brand new standing desk in your room. The Pop-Up DesQ can be bought without the stand for $175. This is perfect for those with desks looking to upgrade them. If you don’t have a desk or table, the desktop with stand package is available for $275.



StorkStand transform your office chair into a standing desk. With so many different chair styles, the StorkStand can be used on most of them. This standing desk is available to use right out of the box, so you can test it right away. At six pounds, this item is very easy to carry around the office in between business meetings. With the inclusion of aluminum, this standing desk can be used for years. The standing desk is available for $129.


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