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Stylish Cloth Face Masks You Can Buy Right Now

Looking for a new, stylish cloth face mask? There are hundreds of options available, which can make shopping for a new mask an absolute chore. Fortunately, this curated list of the some the best-kept mask secrets could help elevate your style without sacrificing your personal health and safety.

You can never have too many masks. These adult and children’s face masks can help you spend less time stressing about washing masks, and more time enjoying yourself.


Solid Colors – 100% Cotton

Sometimes, it’s just better to go with a solid-colored option. Colorful and complicated designs and patterns can be quite attractive, but they can also clash with your favorite shirt or pair of pants. Solid-colored face masks almost always match your clothing.

Besides, these washable masks come with a dust filter insert to help maximize their effectiveness and keep nasty airborne pollutants at a distance. With seven color-complementing options to choose from, you’re bound to find that appeals to your classic sense of style.


A Variety of Pleated Options

These pleated cotton masks come in dozens of unique patterns and colors. They’re made right here in the USA and buying a handful could be a practical way of supporting your hard-working countrymen. Besides, with a few of these masks at your disposal, you’ll always know that you’re looking your best.

They even have a handy pocket that you can use to help filter the air entering the mask. While this option might not feature adjustable ear loops, its elastic alternatives conform perfectly to ears of all sizes.


Jersey Cotton Chicken Mask

Wearing a mask doesn’t make you a chicken, and this particular mask can help you make that statement without saying a word. Of course, you can also use this design to let others know just how much you love chicken. The choice is yours.

Either way, you may be able to look forward to positive comments about this mask. Not only does it have a rustic-yet-hygienic vibe, but it also features comfy adjustable ear loops. They’re also made of a soft, jersey cotton blend that feels great and helps to wick away moisture.