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Water Saving Devices for the Bathroom

If you’ve been looking for ways to conserve water around the home, but haven’t got the slightest idea of where to start, you are not alone. To help give you some ideas, here are three water-saving devices for the bathroom.

Low Flow Toilets

A standard toilet uses around 4.75 gallons (18 litres) of water per flush, likely making it your home’s largest water waster. Since low flow toilets are specially designed to use less water, replacing your old toilet is an important step when creating a water-efficient bathroom. To understand just how important, consider this – low flow toilets use at most 1.6 gallons (6 litres) of water per flush, resulting in a savings of around 66% per flush.

Low Flow Showerheads

Another important area to cut back on bathroom water consumption is in the shower. By making the switch to a specially designed low flow showerhead, you can dramatically reduce the amount of water used per shower, without adversely affecting your shower’s water pressure. These specially designed water-saving showerheads can be purchased at most hardware and plumbing supply stores, and typically use around 40% to 50% less water than a standard showerhead.

Low Flow Faucet Aerators

The third area that should be considered when converting your bathroom into a more water-efficient space is the sink. To conserve sink water, the faucet should be equipped with a low flow aerator, which can reduce water usage by around 25% to 50%. Luckily, faucet aerators are fairly inexpensive and only cost around $5 at most locations.

So, if you’ve been planning to make your home more water-friendly, but were unsure of where to start, why not check that your bathroom devices are water-efficient. By replacing your standard toilet, showerhead, and faucet with their low flow alternatives, you will be conserving a great deal more water than ever before.

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