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When Is the Best Time to Pick Fresh Herbs?

When cooking with herbs, you want them to taste their best. The best way to ensure an herb is at its peak flavor is to use it while it is fresh. So, when is the best time to pick your fresh herbs to lock in the most flavor? First thing in the morning.

You’ll want to pick your fresh herbs during the early morning hours because this is when they are at their most fragrant and flavorful. As the day grows older, herbs start to lose their essential oils causing their flavor to weaken.

Though it’s best to pick fresh herbs early in the morning, most times you will not be ready to use them just yet. To store your newly picked herbs during the day, gently wrap the herbs in a damp paper towel and store them in your refrigerator’s vegetable drawer until you are ready to use them.

Adding fresh herbs to a meal is a great way to enhance its overall flavor. Be sure to remember these tips the next time you plan to cook with fresh herbs, to ensure your fresh-picked herbs taste very best.

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