Winter Shoveling Hack: Use a Broom –

Winter Shoveling Hack: Use a Broom

Not all snowfalls are created equally. Sometimes, like after a light snowfall, its just not worth breaking out the snow shovels. So long as the snow is light and not very deep, it could be more efficient to use an ordinary broom to simply sweep away the snow.

If such a snowfall occurs that conditions are right to sweep it away, you’ll want to tackle the job before anyone walks or drives on the snow. That’s because snow littered with footprints or tire tracks is not easily swept away. If you do end up sweeping away the snow in areas that have been tracked down by people or vehicles, most of the tracks will likely remain in place after you’ve finished sweeping. To finish the job in such cases, you’ll need to quickly go over the remaining tracks with your shovel.

Please note that before attempting this winter shoveling hack, it’s worth getting a second broom to use exclusively outdoors. This may your only broom won’t be rendered useless indoors while you wait for it to dry. Also, note that wet snow or any snowfalls deeper than a few inches are probably best removed using an actual snow shovel.

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