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Best Etsy Decorations For Halloween

Garden Lantern

Most of us can agree that shadows are inherently pretty creepy. Ever thought you saw a shadow move out of the corner of your eye? Well, now you can provide that experience to passerby. This tiny wood cut-out throws a menacing shadow when a tea light is placed in front of it. Put it in your garden near your house, or inside along a blank wall, and watch how the scary shadow moves and flickers.


Stuffed Pumpkins

It isn’t the Halloween season if you don’t have a couple of pumpkins around the house. Real pumpkins are great, but they can start smelling bad or molding after a while. A good alternative are these stuffed pumpkins that come in a variety of colors and patterns. They’re festive, soft, and perched on little stands so you can set them among photographs or around other house decor. Who needs real pumpkins when you have these?


Vintage Drink Labels

This decoration is only for the most dedicated of decorators. Subtle yet chilling, these vintage drink labels will add an extra creepy touch to your kitchen. Re-label your liquor cabinet with stickers that say poison or witches’ spirit, spider venom and dragon’s blood. The next time you go to pour your friend a drink, they’re likely to do a double-take! They’re homemade, and yes, they are even customizable. There’s no end to the Halloween fun!


Spooky Coasters

Any Halloween fanatic can probably tell you everything there is to know about¬†The Nightmare Before Christmas. Why not bring the creepy aesthetic of the movie inside your home? These handmade coasters feature your favorite characters, like Jack and Sally, and are painted on wooden cylinders. It’s a toned-down touch that will not only spook-ify your home, but serve as a conversation starter at get-togethers. They’re a rare find, so get it while it lasts!


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