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Best Etsy Decorations For Halloween

Spider Table Runner

Some animals will always be associated with Halloween, and spiders are one of them. There’s something about their eight legs and wispy spiderwebs that go well with ghosts and goblins. This table runner featuring big black spiders will get your home ready for the trick-or-treating season. It’s also a bright pumpkin-orange color to remind you of fall. It might not seem like an appetizing accent to your dining table, but maybe that’s exactly the point!


Vintage Wall Art

Many holiday decorations can feel predictable and too basic. If you’re looking for something that will kick things up a notch, then vintage wall art like these Halloween-inspired prints are just the thing you need. For a price that’s surprisingly affordable, this 6-piece set will add the right amount of spooky colors and imagery to your house while still being tasteful. Mount them all together or disperse them throughout all the rooms of your house.


Throw Pillows

Looking to combine creepy and comfy? You can never go wrong with these Halloween-themed throw pillows. These pillows are customizable, so you can choose from a list of designs and then write in your own desired text. Already have too many throw pillows as it is? Then consider giving them as a gift to the Halloween-obsessed loved one in your life. Toss them on your couch or bed and stretch out among the Halloween festivity!


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