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Marvelous Notebooks Perfect For Your Home Office

While everything is done digitally now, it’s always nice to have a notebook lying around. Aside from being able to take quick notes, they can also make your work office look more refined. These 10 notebooks will have people taking a double take when they see it in your space.


Handmade Sari Notebook

Sari notebooks can be one of the most eye-catching things for your office. These notebooks look glamorous thanks to Indian saris from Varanasi. With 125 pages of unlined khadda paper, there are enough sheets to last several months. Because the pages are made from recycled cotton, it’s best to not use a fountain pen. From AmberAndRose, these notebooks start as low as $8.29. These notebooks come in six different colors for your picking: green, red, cerise, pink, purple, and blue.


Constellations A5 Notebook

Manufacturer Nikki Strange has delivered some of the best stationery items out of the U.K. If you love astronomy, their Constellations A5 notebook will light up the room. The notebook cover is a laminated card designed with a matte finish. Its metallic stars will cause some to accidentally stare. This notebook comes equipped with its own band to keep it secure. Each of the notebook’s 192 pages is adorned with cream paper. The notebook is available for $13.79.


Ox And Pine Premium Leather Journal Notebook

Ox And Pine’s Premium Leather Journal Notebook is one of the most customizable notebooks around. When it comes to leather choices, you can get the notebook in rustic brown, dark brown, saddle tan, black, and rustic gray. You can also get your notebook personalized with your name or initials. Depending on the size, the notebook can have up to 200 pages, but more can be added at an additional cost. These books can be purchased as low as $70.